BCBT Submissions: Working For You

BC Building Trades is proud to advance the cause and opinions of working women and men.

Below you will find a range of submissions we have made on issues that matter to union members and their families — from health and safety to workplace standards and beyond.

We invite you to have a look. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these — you can download a free version of that reader here.

Submission to the WCB on tinnitus378.14 KB
BCBT position on occupational health & safety injuctions468.57 KB
Proposals on BC Employment Standards6.86 MB
Labour positions on labour market opinion exemptions482.52 KB
Proposals on budget cuts to ITA by the provincial government203.6 KB
Perspectives on swing stages and wirerope guardrails222.99 KB
Proposals on local government election reform120.41 KB
BC Building Trades Submission To HUMA.pdf48.84 KB

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