Construction Industry Rehab Plan

The plan has undergone an extensive redesign and has expanded the range of services it now offers.

The old facility located in New Westminster was closed due to age and disrepair, however the Plan itself remains very much open for business and is now located in the Sapperton area of New Westminster, B.C., with easy access via road and transit.

What is different from the old Plan?
Perhaps one of the biggest changes the Plan has undergone is the change in treatment model. The Plan now offers evidence based treatments based on the latest research.  All staff are Masters trained clinicians with a strong focus on concurrent disorders (mental health and addiction). 

What services are offered?

  • 1:1 counselling/psychotherapy
  • Specialised Trauma counselling
  • Telehealth services such as
    •  Skype counselling
    • Telephone counselling
  •  Referrals to residential treatment facilities where appropriate
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Mental Health screening
  • Family counselling
  • Group counselling and educational workshops

Who is eligible for the Plan?
The same as before, any member of the organized construction industry and their adult family members.

Will there be more women’s services?
Yes.  The plan is active in developing ongoing programming for the needs of women in the industry


Is the Plan still confidential?
YES.  Client confidentiality remains one of the highest priorities for the Plan, we recognize that it is the cornerstone of any effective treatment

How do I contact you?
Telephone:         1-604-521-8611
Address:            Suite 402, 223 Nelson's Crescent (South Tower), New Westminster, B.C.

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